A Closer Look at the Economic and Health Benefits of Electronic Recycling

According to the UN’s Environmental Program, every year, more or less 49 million metric tons of electronic wastes is generated across the globe. Three million of this total number is generated by the US alone. Just by looking at these numbers, you will come to realize just home important electronic recycling has become now more than ever. When electronic recycling is done, not only with the economy benefit from it but the health of the people as well.

• Cleaner environment
One of the many benefits of electronic recycling is that it contributes to keeping the environment cleaner. Once electronic waste is dumped on the ground or in landfills, it occupies a huge amount of space that will then lessen the unpolluted space. Besides using up a lot of space, it can also give off harmful substances. When these toxins come into contact with water, water become dangerous. By having everyone involved in electronic recycling, there is no doubt that environmental pollution will be kept to a minimum allowing less presence of toxins and saving more space that is used among landfills.

• Health benefits
Electronic products are all made of various plastic and gas materials. Some of them can post a lot of harm to your health such as lead. When electronic products are just dumped all over the place, these harmful components will be released into the ground and air. If such as case happens, the health of the people will be at risk most especially those who have made the dumping of the electronic wastes. Also, people who live nearby these landfills are the ones who are at most affected by them.

• Reuse resources
A computer is a device that is made of several parts that can be used again for other purposes whether they be needing any processing or not at all. A lot of computer manufacturers actually have their very own recycling facilities that will be the ones responsible in taking care of the disposal of electronics. The parts that can still be used can be used yet again in other computers. Not only will companies save more of their resources but their time and energy as well.

• Prevention of abuse
Before when electronic recycling was not possible, most electronic wastes get dumped into developing countries where most of their people settle with cheap labor and not complain. People were used at using their bare hands in disintegrating these items that again lead them to be exposed to harmful substances.

• Economic benefits
Once people become well aware of electronic recycling and do the process themselves, companies will no longer need to produce certain electronic components from scratch. This contributes to the economy since decrease in production costs will contribute to the good of the future.


All of these economic and health benefits can only be achieved if each person will now start to take an active role in electronic recycling rather than just dumping their electronics all over the place from the roadsides to the landfills. You can choose to either easily bring them to electronic recycle drop off points or have your electronic wastes picked up.