Do You Contribute to Damaging the Earth With the Use of Electronic?

The use of electronics is meant to facilitate human work wherever they are. Many of us even choose to use various kinds of electronics for various reasons. Of course, we can not be separated from the use of these tools, especially in this day and age. You might think of adding Electronics to support your work or lifestyle, but have you ever wondered how it would then ruin the earth?

Increasing the amount of electronic waste occurs because electronic waste from television, cell phones, and other products is not all recycled. This condition makes electronic waste increasingly mounting and will be a threat to human life. The fact due to the lack of electronic waste recycling process, thus making electronic waste increasingly mounting. From the data, 41 million tons of electronic waste in 2014 was 8% in the form of Plug or Battery only. That’s why there must be so many things to take into consideration before purchasing the certain product, especially electronic.