Safety Tips for Using Electronics

Electronics equipment that we have at home has some good benefits like relieve and speed up work at home or as an entertainment tool. Somehow, all these benefits must be followed by our knowledge of the nature of these electronic devices in order to be safe for us. Here are some general safety tips for using all types of home electronics:

– For electrical appliances that use large electrical power for example: electric water pump machine, washing machine, and refrigerator then at the outlet mounted plug of the electronic device must be installed grounding cable connected to ground/earth, because the socket is vulnerable flower splash a small fire that causes heat around the outlet even to the point of burning, grounding wires connected to the earth will neutralize the wild currents that cause sparks in the socket also avoid us from being electrocuted.

– After you have finished using the tool turn off by pressing the power on / off switch “OFF” and unplug the plug from the outlet, never disconnect the connecting cable by holding the cord as it will cause the disconnect of the connecting cable to the plug but hold the plug and pull it out of the socket.

– Make sure your hands are dry and wear dry footwear when using electronic devices to prevent the danger of electric shock.

– For non-changeable electronic devices such as electric water pumps, washing machines, and refrigerators, frequent connecting cables to plugs, as silent and concealed cables will be vulnerable and bitten by rats, if there is a flaky cable but still immediately. wrapped with special insulation electrical cables to avoid the danger of shock or short circuit.

– Keep electrical connectors away from heat sources, tucked into the body of a tool or other heavy object, or attach with a strained position at a sharp angle.