Top Reasons to Use an Electronic Medical Record

An electronic medical record is basically the place where you can find the complete profile of patients from their patient history, billing information, medical transcription notes, and so on. The existence of electronic medical records is proof at how fast paced the world of information technology has become int this day and age. Now, lots of information can be stored with the use of an effective database infrastructure. Besides this reason, the use of electronic medical records has also been proven to not just be of benefit to the health care provider but the patient as well. This article will provide you some top reasons why you should use electronic medical records.

1. Speed: As just mentioned, the world of business has become so fast paced. Even in the health industry, speed is essential because with it, managing information is now made possible in the fastest time possible. This is one of the reasons why a reliable electronic medical record system is a must among the health care industry. Furthermore, when your electronic medical record system is fast, you will not have to waste your time anymore having it troubleshooted allowing you to have more time to take care of your patient.

2. Storage: An electronic medical record is an information database that is more than capable of storing as much information as possible compared with traditional methods. With this, your electronic medical record system can indeed be capable of managing your records across officers even if the records are of different types.

3. Security: Another great thing about an electronic medical record system is that it helps keep all of your records secure. This means that this will have backed up your files regularly in case something unfortunate happens to them. Going back to security, your electronic medical record can also only be accessed by the authorized users. Such a double security measure has been shown to be an effective preventive approach in case viruses might attack your systems.

4. Support: From the electronic medical record software, customer support can now be easily accessed by both the patient and the health care professional. Mostly, the medical billing specialist will have this covered. Besides customer support, a reliable electronic medical record system is also able to provide you with some medical codes like HCFA 1500, HIPAA, ICD.9, and the recent CPT code books.

5. Accessibility: Most electronic medical record systems of today enable the download of information from the system into their own devices. Besides having access to the medical records online, you can then have them accessed at any location of your choice.


6. Affordability: This factor is one of the reasons why electronic medical record systems have become very much appealing. Most if not all businesses will surely want to save their money while at the same time make use of technology that can help them save most of their time. Owing to the fact that electronic medical record software utilizes online technology, most of the overhead and set-up costs are removed from the picture and are now transformed to merely monthly fees.